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Do you want to contribute to the protection of our Precious Planet?


Do you have a great idea?

Do you want to start a business to develop and spread your idea?


But you don't know how to start and you need support? 

Blue Green Passion is where to start



Blue Green Passion, as an Eco Incubator, provides a holistic, one-window approach that allows the Eco Entrepreneurs to start and grow their business, and to focus on their core mission, withour having to interface with several external actors. 

Blue Green Passion will accompany the Eco Entrepreneurs through the entire process providing personalized guidance and support to individual start-up needs.




Full Incubation Proposition


Our main proposition is  the “Full Incubation” of Start-ups, with a one-window approach covering the full start-up lifecycle from idea, to funding and to the success and the growth of the start-up.

Our approach is to be the single point of contact for start-ups and to personalize the level of services step by step to maximize the success rate.


Based on the nature of the start-up, and the project, our business model is based on one of the followings :

% of Start-up profit  

% of Start-up Equity 



Blue Green Passion  selects Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and ideas, based on the following criteria :

Entrepreneur(s) Profile and Motivation

Nature of the Start-up/Idea/Project


Innovative, Simple, relevant

Feasible, Easy to create and/or produce

Use of Natural, existing resource

No heavy manufacturing

Not commercialized or branded yet

Eco Lifestyle with link to Eco Dive Resort

Feasibility and sustainability of the Business

Business Model Feasibility and Sustainability

3 year and 5 year Return on Investment

Investment needed

Alignment with the Blue Green Passion’s Values, Community and Model



Contribute with your ideas.

Start your own Eco Business with our Full Incubation program.

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