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Do you want to contribute to the protection of our Beautiful Planet ?

Do you want to support and encourage Eco Start-ups and projects ?

Do you have some money to invest ?


But you don't want to take any risk with your investment?

Blue Green Passion is where to start



Blue Green Passion proposes a Secure Investment opportunity for Eco Lovers, who wants to participate to the Eco Start-ups without being directly involved and without taking the risk with the start-up. The investment are used to incubate Eco Start-ups, following Blue Green Passion Business Model.




Secure Investment Proposition


We propose a Fixed-Income security investment, with a Blue Green Passion Private Bond at a fixed-rate of  $10.000 per bond.


The differentiation of BGP Private Bond compared to the regular bonds in the market is the guarantee of the initial bond investment and the coupons.


There are two investment options : 

  • 3 years maturity period, with 3% coupon (interest p.a.)

  • 4 years maturity period, with 4% coupon (interest p.a.)


At the end of the maturity date, the you will three options :

  • Have your initial investment pay back and receive the coupons

  • Extend the maturity date of the bonds on a yearly basis and continue to receive coupons

  • Convert the bonds to BGP shares, after BGP shareholders’ approval


During the maturity period, the BGP bonds are blocked.  The coupons are issued on a yearly basis.



For a total initial investment of $50.000, you buy 5 BGP Private Bond, with a maturity date of 4 years.

During 4 years, you will receive a coupon of $2.000 per year (4% interested p.a.)


At the end of year 4,

  • If you decide to have the investment back, the fixed-rate of the bonds ($50.000) will be paid back. ROI over 4 years : $8.000

  • If you decide to extend the bond by one more year, the fixed rate of the bonds ($50.000) and one additional coupon of $2.000 will be paid back, at the end year 5. ROI over 5 years : $10.000

  • If you decide to convert the bonds to BGP shares, after shareholders' approval, $60.000 BGP shares will be distributed to you.



Contribute with your funds.

Support our Incubated Eco Start-ups, by investing in our secure investment program

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