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Do you want to contribute to the protection of our Beautiful Planet?


Are passionated about the environment and wants to contribute directly?


But you don't know where and how to start? 

Blue Green Passion is where to start



At Blue Green Passion we value every positive idea, contribution and action with a positive impact on environment and with a connection with the Nature and the Ocean. Our commitment is to provide opportunities to Eco Lovers to contribute on their own and unique way to the Eco Lifestyle and to the ESP Community.





Contribution Proposition


We provide a personalized and flexible approach to Eco Contributors, to propose them with the best contribution opportunities.


We take into the account the following factors to propose a contribution opportunity to Eco Lovers: 

  • Their motivation and objectives

  • Their existing skills and knowledge

  • Their  availabilities and resources

  • The existing and future contribution opportunities at Blue Green Passion and its incubated start-ups.



The Eco Contribution profile opportunities are :

  • At Blue Green Passion : 

Management, Business Consulting, Business Partnership, Finance, Law , Eco Consulting , Marketing,   Community   Management, Event Management, Communication, Training, Administration ,IT,  ...

  • At our incubated start-up Companies : 

Management, Project Management, Technical Specialities, Eco Specialities, F&B, Hospitality,   Construction, Diving, Administration, Operational, Training, Sales, Retail, Manufacturing, Science,   Marine Biology, Chemistry , Engineering, ...



The Eco  Contribution Models are :  

    Networking, Volunteer, Trainee, Fee based, Commission based, Free time, Part time or Full time



Contribute with your passion and time.

Participate to our Eco projects and Eco Community

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